Tuesday, October 17, 2006

retrospection...or..... introspection?

It feels like an era has gone by. An era I had enjoyed living in. A chance to revisit the time, was something I was looking forward to, something that brought a smile across my face.
Today as my visit ends, there is a feeling of peace, satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment. There is fear and sadness of having to let go of the era and live only with it's memories. Memories...some good, some bad, some happy, some sad, some of places, some of people, some of mere objects, some of incidents and some of thoughts!

At the start of my visit, I expected it to be one to refresh images and take back smiles of people I love. It was about giving back smiles, happiness and memories to them. It was a trip looking forward to meeting a new friend and establishing a new thread of belonging. But as unexpected as life can sometimes be, I lost...lost a whole box of memories and more. With mixed feelings, I look back at my visit, as I got myself something new but in the process lost something old..

As I left the location of the era and flew higher into the skies of the future, I felt a certain strength and confidence to pass through any dark cloud that comes by me, with conviction.

I lived a dream. I was blessed to be able to do so. As I fly into the future, I want people associated with me to know, how much, they have contributed to make me the person I am.

Tears flow out, in celeberation of refreshed memories and in pain of having to convert a living moment into a memory.

I lived my dream...and the dream came to an end....