Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life always springs surprises onto us. When it is in our favour , we say we have been rewarded for our efforts, when it is not in our favour, most often we blame it on destiny,in a pusuit to run away from the truth of lack of effort. But, I do realise that there is just so much one can do. You can dream.You can live a mule's life trying to breathe life into it. And the dream remains a dream...the one you place in a glass box, to wake up every morning and have a look. The dream always exists. The experience of the effort to bring it alive will also exist, but it is a dead dream. And there is just so much you can do about it.

When you dream, it is just your dream. But when you share it with people your own, it belongs to the soul of each one of them. They live through your efforts with you and somewhere down the line your dream becomes their's. Your disappointment becomes their's. They feel your pain twice as much as you do. In the process, you end up consoling them and prioritise alleviating their sorrow before yours.But what differentiates you from them is that you still pursue ....analyse your efforts, replan the entire ordeal, rejuvnate yourself and make a renewed effort at reviving the lifeless dream. They give up and wonder why you are still at it.

I am still at it, coz I dream. My dream this time is a new one...a dream to fulfill my dream!