Friday, February 29, 2008

The extra day!!

The first leap year ever since I started my blog..n I just had to make an entry! This may be an amalgam of utterly incoherent set of sentences..but I was all about making an entry on this day!!

I love the idea of getting an extra day to live! We all say, life is so short and there is so much to see. So. I plan to make the most of this extra day! But what all can I do today? How many things can I actually give the extra special touch to? If it was up to me, ti would be to everything I routinely do n a lot more!

Sometimes I wonder, why I get so excited about little things like this? The other day, as I watched the sunset over the skyline from my window, I wondered if there were any two sunsets I had seen that were the same! That means the sunset my eyes are soaking in right now,will never happen again! So,isn't this one-time wonder special? To think that in my lifetime again, this signature of the sun to signal the end of another tiring yet beautiful day,will never be seen again, just made me hold on to that moment a little longer.

With all due respect to every relation I am in, the beauty of staying with myself,having those moments of solitude,to appreciate every little thing around me,may be the buildings around or just the little rose that is probably breathing it's last today in that small vase, the dying flame of the candle with it's unique existence adding to the beauty of the ambience, inspite of the magnificent radiance of the morning sun, is something that is absolutely invaluable to me! The freedom to stop a moment before flying through the door in a hurry to get to work on time, to just check how the little snowflake trickled down my window pane, is amazing! Most people find it crazy. I have a heard a lot of people tell me that I should be more practical and realistic and less of the romantic! But everybody lives life. Everybody wakes up in the morning, gets about doing the daily chores,gets to work,comes back from work,,watch TV, have a dinner,hang out with friends,watch a movie and crash into bed again. Yes,these things have their own joy associated. But, Have you ever wondered, what the flower that just bloomed outside looks like when it shies away from the early morning sun? What an aeroplane traversing the vastness of the sky looks like at the touch of dawn? The feel of watching the building in front of you, that you have seen every day,every moment that you have been home, reveal itself as the late night mist clears away? or may be, the antics of the little boy living downstairs,as he has an encounter with the first snow of the year?

Yes,these are little things..magical in themselves.They replenish the vigour in me,fill me with a sense of being alive and soaking in life! I love being a romantic. After all, what matters is the eagerness to live each day to it's fullest.Who cares what sets that eagerness?

So, here is that extra day and I am all set to soak it in!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What now?

They met at a mutual friend's annual party. She spotted him first. He was dancing and she noticed him coz she hadn't seen a man look majestic as he danced! Through the party her eyes kept drifiting in his direction...not that she wanted to catch more glimpses of him! She retired that night with the content of having had an enjoyable evening. After all, these parties were about "meeting new and interesting people" as they say!

As with other parties, present took over past....reality took over fresh memories. The struggle and routine of life kept her busy and as with many other interesting people she had met, this one was forgotten too!

She was workign for a well-established firm as human resource officer. Recruitment was something she had to deal with everyday. Thus, meeting new people, tactfully letting them reveal their dreams and ambitions and assessing whether their relationship with the firm would be mutually beneficial was her forte. After all, we all do this assessment of eachother in any relation we make in this world. Whether we go ahead inspite of the confliciting dreams or part ways inspite of having the same goal is a different deal all together!

As she made her preparations to go through another session of appraisal, she was called for by her head.They had found her some help and wanted her to familiarise the office and work ethics to the fresh member in the work force. As she was introduced to him, a sudden wave of familiarity hit her, but she just couldn't place him. She categorised it as one of those 'deja-vu' incidents and let it pass.

Over the next few days she found him adept and amicable, two minimum qualities that one needs a co-worker to have for peaceful co-existence. Their equation was strictly professional. Neither had made an attempt to get friendly beyond what was minimum necessary. But there was an enigmatic angle to that equation..something that seemed to fit the description of admiration,respect or mebbe venture into the realm of attraction. It was ambigious...neither of them could describe it but both if asked would definitely not deny it's existence.

She was an introvert. Though she was a very affable person and a great conversationalist, there was just so much you could make her reveal. Some people would unanimously rate her the winner of a talkathon while others would swear by her patience at being a listener.She was outspoken enough to get what she wanted. This quality of hers along with the bit of being a conversationalist would throw people off the idea of her being an introvert. But can't this combination exist? Aren't there people who can talk the world to another person but be reticent when it comes to laying their heart bare,no matter how close the listener may be?

The affable side of her once broke the ice or rather crossed the line that the enigmatic angle of their equation had drawn. He perceived it as making the first 'move'. She realised that perception and made a mental note at being more careful about maintaining the line. Did she truly want to cross that line? Did she really want to add another definite angle to the existing equation? Something din't let her answer those questions with credible positivity.

She traced her steps very carefully the next few days. His actions were met with luke warm enthusiasm. He found it difficult to pierce through her defence,there was something about her that was very gaurded. Her careful tread was now perceived by him as arrogance. After all she had made the first 'move'. He decided to step back too. She was not the end of the world!

It was the start of another year. The past year seemed to go by in a jify and the present year seemed to come by in a jiffy! As she waded into the sea of people enjoying the celeberations, she critiqued the decor and ambience of the venue, the fashion sense of people her eyes fell on, the couples that floated around and various such observations. As her eyes went scanning the room, they fell on a pair of broad shoulders that floated on the dance floor with exemplary ease. there was somethign very familiar about that majestic look. As the shoulders turned to reveal the face, a flash from a distant past seemed to culminate with her recent past and the present.

Yes,it was him..the majestic dancer who also is her colleague. What now?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's day!

Valentine's day....a day that celeberates the thumping hearts, the language of the eyes, the unspoken words, the talking silence....a day when most people make an effort and take some time out to let some of the most important people know, what and how much they mean to them.
While most of the world is divided among two that believes in celeberating this day and the other that doesn't, I guess I belong to a completely different group. To me, this day is about celeberating myself! Coz..when you love someone ( be it mom,dad,friend or a lover) you somehow unwittingly give a part of yourself to them to keep for life and that part of you now belongs to them. So, when I acknowledge their importance in my life, I am acknowledging the fact that I belong to them. From experience I can say..that the feeling of belonging to someone is beautiful, one that puts in a lot of responsibility but one that gives you a purpose and celeberates your existence.

So, when do I celeberate the others' being? Every other day...coz every other day,everything I do depends on the amount and quality of ripples my action will create in their lives. Everything I do is thoughtfully considered,planned,replayed a thousand times, before it is actually carried out to weigh the consequences. So, don't I ever do anything on an impulse? I do..infact most often...and those impulsive acts are ones that come with instant gratification,sometimes positive and many a times negative. But these acts are all the small ones, ones that are inconsequential in the larger frame, ones that bring the thrill in living, the feeling of adventure... n irrespective of the consequence are very enjoyable.

So, me Valentine's Day is important, it's a day when I pamper myself by telling the people I love that it feels invigorating to belong to them!