Friday, August 01, 2008

relation...with an expiry date!

When two hearts connect as much as the minds do, the magic of it all is indescribable. And when the snap happens, the pain and the sunken feeling is...... indescribable!

They hit it off together, the moment they were introduced at a friend's birthday bash. She smiled with a silent "i thought so too" to everything her new friend said. Somehow it seemed like one of them was a mouth piece for the other. They met often after that and grew to be fast friends. They had as much fun as two gals would have when they identify with each other. Every outing was guaranteed fun. Every little hello would turn into a chat that would last till some part of the conversation would remind either of them that they met by chance and this chat was not planned, that the purpose was different from what was being achieved! A party plan would first start with filling each other with the day's or week's details that included things as shallow as who stood where while saying what to everything that hit the heart and din't! Yes, they were friends..they were soul mates.

Years went by, life went by...and they lived every minute to it's full. Life threw the dice in different ways and each climbed a different ladder. Yet at the end of the journey, they still found each other. Time and physical distance din't matter, till on one instance both dimensions got too big. It's surprising how we stop trusting the connection, how we doubt the thought of the very person who we claim to be a reflection, how unsure we get about the other person's perception of a certain act just coz time and distance got in the way. That is just what happened. Suddenly, there were silent thoughts on both sides that went on the lines of " do i really know her?". It's amazing how the connection and the snap occur with the same speed, same ease and without parameters. They just do.

Now an uncomfortable silence fills the space on the phone. The mind makes an effort to come up with things that can be shared with the surity that the other will perceive it in the same way as being said. Worse, the list of things would just get shorter with every call. Eventually the frequency of calls fall. Time and distance between the minds, just got bigger...enough to let the connection be a part of posterity. Each would remember the bygone days and pray the other is leading a life peacefully. And that thought was the only thing that stayed constant from the past to the present.

Life and it's ways. The friend is not lost, yet the thought of the person brings an uncomfortable feeling that relates to pain that comes with a loss. Why?