Thursday, April 16, 2015

Random afternoon spill

On a sunny afternoon, as I found time to catch up on things that used to be a part of me, I came across an hour long video of an ode to the late Jagjit Singh. As the music started filling the room quite like the warmth and brightness of the sun- my focus was driven towards the effect a sound can have on the mind of a human being. 

It is well documented, that sound is a way of communication -  a mode of interaction that has the same strength in its effect by being present as much as by being absent.

But, it was the sound of a single cord of a violin, a brisk beat on the tabla, a key on a piano, sound of the flute and a voice in the absence of accompaniment- that brought about a thought, a memory. All of a sudden, when I let my senses take over - an entire incident replayed itself on a hidden stage behind the open curtain of the eye. The sound, smells, visuals, feel - all of it came right back to be relived. 

The power of our sense organs and it's interplay with memory is such a magnificent example of a relationship. With individually significant roles to play, together they only add to the value of the other.  When one is evoked, uninvited yet unabashed, the other comes along, stirring emotions - some old and some fresh. In each other's association they magically create a certain sense of completion to an experience.

Among the million things in this world that I find mesmerizing, the ability of sound to kick start a series of processes within, that culminates in a smile, a sigh or a lump in the throat - will always be on that list.