Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tired banter

Most days, these days, I come back worn out and say "I give up". I believe it has a lot to do with my attitude than the general happenings in life. Every day I wake up and fight- fight my attitude, fight the happenings , the non-happenings, the wait for things to turn around my way- fight! The constant fight is getting tiring. And now I have to fight being tired. 

When can I ever stop fighting is what I ask some wise people - and they say- When you breathe your last! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sprinkles of 'extra' on ordinary!

I was recently beckoned by one of my favourite cities in the world . It's a favorite not only coz it's a city with an amazing character, but also coz it's the very city that helped me develop mine.

It was excitement resembling that of coming home, of returning to familiar land after a long, tiring journey. The city remained just as I remember leaving it. The street corners looked the same, the ground had the same feel when walked on, the air felt the same. Familiar sights, smell and sound- not much had changed.Yet it din't fail to mesmerise me, just as it always has.

As I approached the airspace and dipped to take a peek at the city all lit up as if in preparation for a special night, I wondered how many souls out there were as lucky as I was that night, to see the beauty of these glimmering lights all along its silhouette.

The night progressed further and the skies hesitantly showered a few flakes, as if an angel was carrying a basket full of snow and somehow a few flakes slipped out of it while it rocked in her hands! The sight of such light snow, of so few flakes, as they lightly found their way to the earth,seen under shining bright street lamps in the wee hours - an instant that could only be an artist's imagination. 

An early morning in a popular cafe, where all come to experience the magic of coffee- it's amazing gift to swing moods and change the momentum of a day.Two elderly women, deaf and dumb, seated across a small round table, hands moving in the air in a frenzy, catching up over a cup of coffee. Their existence barely noticeable with no contribution to our din and us disappearing into oblivion in their soundless world of words,thoughts and emotions. 
Magical that revealed how being out of the ordinary can make ordinary  affairs extra ordinary.

All it takes is a moment in time to see something special and a heart beat to feel the magic it unfolds.

New York never fails to give me such moments and that one heartbeat I need to recognise them.