Saturday, April 05, 2008


Life sometimes teaches you the big lessons in a small way and the small lessons in a big way! I've always wondered how life comes up with a methodology of teaching the various lessons to it's own creation in a quest to make it perfect and balanced!

I wondered why it was so important to come close to perfection? I wondered what was the picture of perfection? I wondered why these lessons need to be learnt? I wondered if every creation really wanted to meet perfection,or was it just the libran in me. How does it matter to be balanced?

I do not know the picture of perfection,but I do know what picture of me I seek to be. I do not know how it matters to be close to perfection, but I know I will be at peace if I am that picture I seek to be.I've reached this perfection many times in life and then a sudden act snatches that peace away. Life's lessons are about reflecting on how delicate perfection is, on how minute and intricate it's boundaries are and what inside of one needs to change to make those boundaries stronger. The balance is about attaining the picture one wants to be by maintaining the lines n strokes that are part of the perfect picture and changing the ones that aren't. For refraining from doing either can destroy the image.

Perfection I thus thought was about being at peace with oneself, about being happy with who you are and reflect to the world around you.