Saturday, March 03, 2007

gibberish.... has been a while since I've played with words..n today after a long time I just feel like here I am. I don't have anything particular in mind..but I just feel like blabbering!!

The past month was a roller coaster ride of my emotions. I was having the time of my life trying to face my first ever "winter " in it's nastiest form! Thinking about it..I have never actually seen winter.....never ever had my face blown with a a series of cold blast..leaving a feeling of my face being flattened n making it a hideous task to move even a fiber of muscle to bring out an expression! Never had to fight the wind, to stand still n not fly away! Never had my feet so numb and yet have it ache n instill in me that there is no pain worse than the pain of having your feet numb! But not even that could stop me from doing the usual sight-seeing! The super me..under five layers of clothing and an outerwear...a cap..gloves...a wollen scarf...and a hot mug of coffee that took less than one second to get freezer cold....walking up n down the roads laden with snow...n some more falling......the Empire State building had to be seen! What was even better was that it left me with a feeling of euphoria!

I also had a great time visiting two of my old n close friends. Spending time with one of them showed me how much more I needed to grow to behave responsibily and that after a while my life begins to revolve around a lot of other lives. I realised that there comes a phase where you are expected to see beyond yourself and that I am not yet there!
The other friend though reinstilled the charm n fun in being a kid eternally..of living life through the child in you, so you can marvel at little things and enjoy life to the hilt. A carefree time wher all that is important is your own happiness. To feel both in a matter of a fortnight..was a roller coaster ride!

Then there was this serious side to the month where I had to hold my calm n composure, put my grey cells to work and come up with the some impressive answers to floor a panel completely. During this period was also a time when my grey cells multitasked at thinking of sensible things n nonsensical things simultaneously!

It was a crucial month and now that it is over and ended well...I can say that it was worthwhile. But had it ended otherwise..this combination of words or any other for that matter wouldn't have been here!

If the above made no sense to is not your fault at all!