Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To Life...

Some dreams are simple every day wishes and yet so rare. A desire to breathe cool, fresh air, sit under bright blue skies, soak in the warmth of the sun, gentle breeze blowing, a display of nature at it's best, blending into subtleties of human existence, eyes closed, mind at rest. A sense of calm, peace, of a spotless mind that can absorb the surroundings and appreciate every element of it. A simple wish of feeling light enough to float in air.

This wish of mine was fulfilled by accomplishment. An achievement of making something out of myself. Of coloring my canvas with my favorite scheme of colors and loving the image that the random splashes and strokes finally created. A feeling of content. This feeling opened up the pair of invisible eyes that nest within the mind. The pair that truly lets you unfold life in it's vigor and savor it. Content came to me with accomplishment. But, the enigma of content is such, that for each one, it accompanies a different element. 

It's funny how infinitesimal changes in the story of your life determine your ability to fulfill your own wishes and empower you to breathe life into your very own dreams. 

Friday, June 04, 2010

New York

New York. A city of dreams. Dreams that come alive, that flourish. Never had I come to imagine my life being entwined with the life of this city. Three years. Smiles galore, showers of joy, moments of peace, success, satisfaction- color scheme of life- happy.

Hot espresso on a cold morning,walking on the streets like there is no tomorrow, sun shining bright, chilly winds making it difficult to keep the head up. Streets filled with people in shades of black, grey or the like. Enter into a frenzy of people callously falling into two groups, one that get off the subway and one that get on. Not one of them looking up at another, each one running, finding their way through the crowd. For 3 years I fell into either of these groups. And then a month ago, realization dawned. The city where I learnt to live life, had let me progress so much that it was time to move and leave it behind. I progressed into a third group. The group where man took time off a hectic day to marvel at an integral part of life. I believe my experience of college life would not be what it has been if not for this city.

The streets explored, small shops with exquisite pieces adorning the parapets,the tall buildings some relics of a culturally rich past and some signs of a chic present, numerous parks- small and big, bang in the middle of a busy business area, the many restaurants with the entire world's cuisines, the aristocratic professionals, the punk with piercings all over, the fashion conscious 'brands-only' woman walking past another that has all the colors of a rainbow on her, a young mother pulling away her curious son to avoid a homeless guy at the entrance to a subway, a tired tax payer walking out of a bar after dousing his weariness at the end a hectic day, while a 20 something couple walk in to celebrate a special day - New York. A city where two extremes of a spectrum exist in comfort, equality and freedom. A city I fell in love with.

When life brought me here the first time, it was a cloudy,wet,cold evening. The bus from Boston brought me from the north end of the city and all I saw were brick red buildings, walls tainted with signatures of people who got to seemingly unreachable portions of it, blaring sound of heavy traffic, bright lights, unconcerned people, huge buildings and public spaces, "May I help you?" counter with curt officials. I was scared. The place felt unwelcoming and therefore depressing. Life hadn't been the best for the past few months and nothing seemed to go right. I wasn't prepared for the winter and hence could not lift my head up in the wind or think straight. All I felt was cold.

It took an interview, a fight to get back what I deserved and a month of mere survival to realize this city is what you make of it. You can love it or hate it, but you cannot ignore it.

After three years of figuring out the way to live and make the most of this place, praying half the time that I achieve my goal, so life gets simpler and I can move on, here I am, wanting to share more of my life with this city. I've lived every minute here. Fast paced, stressed,timeless, selfish, immense competition for survival, yet accepting of new people, freedom of thought,expression,action; culturally vibrant, lively, fun and serene. A city of sky scrappers, constant traffic, lights, frequent blaring sirens of ambulances and police cars, loud music, sleepless, yet, at 2am when you sit by the East Hudson, watching a full moon on a clear night....New York radiates it's innocence. Of being a place that wants to exude peace and provide an opportunity for a better tomorrow.

New York.. you will always have a special place in my heart. Wishing you a future that keeps your innocence safe and your spirit untainted and a secret desire to have our paths cross again!