Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In awe...

How many times has it happened to you,that you come across glimpses of another being's personality and it stuns you? It's the experiences that shape a personality is what I've heard most times, but isn't it also what you make of the experiences that shape you? Isn't that the reason why some people grow with experience while most others either stagnate or worse, undo their growth thus far.

In the past few weeks, significant experiences have left me feeling like the lesser mortal, when I suddenly was made aware of the vast expanse of growth that my being is hungry for. I wondered what it was about the personality that got them so ahead on the face of the same earth that I share too! Age,accomplishments or much more?

Sitting in a classroom of 100 odd students, in the middle of a regular tiring day,with an exam following that lecture, isn't the setting I would expect to be jolted out of my senses! But I guess, the impact of something is maximum when you least expect it to happen. As we all sat, catching up with each other on the week that had gone by, in walked a tall,well-built man in a suit. The first thing you would notice about him is his mop of silver. As he walked around the podium trying to set up for his lecture, I caught his eye. Not thinking much, I continued to contribute to the din. After what felt like just a second later, one of our familiar professors walked up and took the liberty of introducing the man with the silver mop! He was an alumnus of the college, a pioneer in one of the subjects in dentistry(Cosmetic dentistry) that has now become the face of dentistry to the common man, currently one of the most successful practitioners in the city with high profile clients. A man whose works I have read as a student getting introduced to a new subject and as a curious learner wanting to know more. Someone I had associated a face to with the name on the cover page of the book,with not even the slightest imagination that one day I would actually see the real face to the name! The feeling of sharing the same breathing space with a legend,seeing him from a distance of 5 feet, getting an eye contact which to him would have been just another moment,but to me was a defining one, gave me a heightened feeling. It was definitely inspiring to say the least!! The simplicity with which this figure walked in,unannounced,no pompousness, no VIP treatment, just another regular guy coming to teach a classroom half of which is filled with students who were living a parallel life mentally while physically being here, was what touched me the most. That act to me defined his growth as an individual.

...left me wondering, if there ever would be a student who would be as awed, by my existence...
..left me also wondering if I would ever utilise the opportunities I get, to grow so much as an individual..