Thursday, August 23, 2007


It's been a while since I have played with words and relied on them to reveal the feel of every experience I have had. Life kept running and left me tryign to catch up with it's pace. Most times, I was successful..but everytime I failed, it just pushed me to try harder.

This country has taught me a lot in a matter of a very short time. It has taught me, that life doesn't stop at any point. When things don't happen the way you expect them to, you try to make them happen...not now, not then..but definitely sometime. An experience of living life in your own terms, the freedom of decision, the entireity of harvesting on the perks of a right one and the responsibility of bearing the consequence of the wrong one. The sheer independent effort at trying to solve the small puzzles of life that have a bigger impact in this materialistic world.

Yes,I have been a pampered soul..pampered with the love of parents and friends, pampered with comfort and security, shielded from the effects of the dark side of the world, a protective veil that let me see and learn from,but not face painful experiences. The pampering was not indulgent, so it let me make my own opinion on experiences, let me believe in the lessons I had learnt the way I did. And they all came in handy when I fiinally flew out of the comfort zone to find my own niche.

What the experience of being on the roads on my own revealed, was the power of healing, that was deep in deep that I was unaware of it's existence. A strength that I seem to so often call upon to propel me forward, towards a goal I seem so passionate to reach..a goal that was unidimensional a little while ago, but is now multidimensional with obscure edges.

All this for a dream I dream and so want to see it come alive!